Saint Andrew’s Children’s Center staff are all teacher qualified. The majority of our staff have college degrees or are in the process of fulfilling their course requirements for degree completion. All teaching staff completed the required college level child development classes and therefore fully meet the requirements of Community Care Licensing to teach in preschools. Many of our staff maintain teaching credentials issued by the California Department of Education.

  • All teaching teams are trained in disaster preparedness and additionally possess current First Aid & CPR certificates.
  • Teachers have also been trained in the High Scope Curriculum by a well recognized High Scope trainer and have ongoing access to High Scope support and training.
  • Preschool staff are trained in Zoo-phonics® and utilize this program.
  • Center staff are trained in the Baby Signs Program®. Baby Signs is used daily on the infant/toddler side of our campus and is also used in our preschool program. All Saint Andrew’s staff are trained in the Baby Signs Program®.
  • Infant/toddler staff are trained in Primary Infant Toddler Caregiving in by West Ed. West Ed is contracted by the California Department of Education to provide quality training and technical assistance to California’s school system, Pre-k through 12th grade.
  • Teaching teams have been trained in behavioral management by CUIDAR, CHOC-UCI Initiative for the Development of Attention and Readiness. Teachers and staff learned effective solutions to common behavior challenges. Our warm and responsive teaching teams are sensitive to each child’s needs.