Nutrition at SA-Kids


Saint Andrew’s Children’s Center employees a full time on-site cook to prepare fresh, nutritious and delicious home cooked meals and snacks. All milk served to the children is organic. Other organic items featured on our monthly menu include beef, pasta and veggies. The majority of fruit served is fresh. When canned fruit is used, it is packed in its own juice with no added sugar.

The meals and snacks are free of charge for all enrolled children. Many other centers ask that parents provide a sack lunch or charge an additional fee if the children eat meals purchased off site by the school.

Breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack are served to all children in attendance during meal times. Family style meal service is an integral part of our food program. Children are encouraged to serve themselves and try all foods, but are never forced to eat. Active involvement is encouraged with table set-up and clean-up. Our teachers sit at the table with the children to role-model good table manners and healthy eating habits.

Meals are developmentally appropriate for the children being served and meet the nutritional requirements for components and quantities specified by Community Care Licensing.

Good nutrition for young growing children is extremely important and has a great impact on their health, their ability to think and to learn, to communicate and socialize with other children as well as the ability to fight off disease.

The Center Cook Guarantees

The Cook Guarantee at SA-Kids


  • Each meal is prepared shortly before serving
  • All meals are fresh, wholesome and nutritionally balanced
  • Organic foods are served whenever possible
  • All beef is organic
  • All milk is organic
  • All veggies are organic
  • 1% milk is served to the older children while infants and toddlers receive whole milk
  • Juice is not served at the Center due to the high sugar content
  • Fresh fruit is frequently served for breakfast, lunch and snack
  • The primary protein served is chicken. From time to time beef is used, however pork is never served
  • Menus are reflective of our multicultural population
  • Nuts are never served. The center does not purchase foods when the food labels indicate any type of processing with nuts
  • The monthly menu reflects many vegetarian entries
  • Special notation is made of dietary restrictions such as when a child has food allergies. Substitutions are made when possible
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